16 March 2007
Party on dEUde

Never thought I’d see Richard North write this:

A few years back, the EU dominated our thinking but now, as my co-editor observed, over a meal in our favourite London restaurant, it seems a distant irrelevance. It is merely a noxious irritant, filed under “unfinished business” that sooner or later must be sorted out, when our politicians finally realise that it offers nothing and costs us a fortune.


No amount of rhetoric or freebies is going to restore the drive afforded by the vision of its original founders. This is an organisation that has nowhere to go but down.

You can almost smell the (CAP-subsidised) cannabis fumes.  For what it’s worth, I’ve been lolling on the bean bag of indifference on the whole EU thing for some time.  But I’m not sure I want North and Szamuely to be joining me.  There needs to be at least somebody keeping lookout.

Not that I think we need to worry too much.  Like a bucket of iced water poured over the head, the EU is bound to do something stupid soon and snap our watchdog out of his stupor.

But it’ll be fun while it lasts.  Man.

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