17 March 2007
Another challenge to Steyn

It’s taken a while but at last people are starting to put up some serious challenges to Mark Steyn’s Europe-is-doomed theory.  Johnathan Pearce had a go last week.  This week it’s the Social Affairs Unit’s Marc Sidwell.

He takes the view that numbers don’t really matter all that much:

The triumph of the West is one long refutation of [Steyn’s] argument. As Exhibit A, just take a look at 300, the new blockbuster remake of the Battle of Thermopylae as envisioned by graphic novelist Frank Miller. Once more, we see all the slave armies of the East marched out upon tiny Greece - and humiliated by the sacrifice of three hundred free men.

Don’t think it quite happened like that.  Thermopylae was, after all, a defeat.  But point taken.  And with Trident you don’t even need 300 men - one index finger will do just fine.

So long as someone has the will to use it, that is.  And you’re not aiming it at your own major population centres.

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