25 March 2007
Time for a change

Did you put your clocks forward today?  Did you perhaps take your life in your hands as you mounted a rickety chair in order to retrieve that hard-to-reach electric number?  Did you thumb through rarely consulted manuals in search of that seemingly magic sequence of key strokes that will allow you to once again record CSI?  In doing so, did you teach your children some new words, words that they really oughtn’t to know?  And do you have that haunting feeling that somehow, somewhere there’s one that you missed, a figurative time bomb with literal ticks, whose temporal eccentricity will do dreadful things to you at some unspecified date in the future? 

Well, I thought about it and decided to give it a miss.

I’ve had enough of this biannual nonsense of knob twiddling, button pressing and showing up late for Sunday lunch. From now on, or until such time as I lose my job, I’m going to be sticking to good old Greenwich Mean Time, or, as I shall henceforth be calling it for the purposes of clarity: Patrick Mean Time.

If we really need to enjoy long, summer evenings then our employers will have every incentive to provide us with an effective pay rise by bringing normal working hours back by an hour.

But what we do not need is a law that has its origins in the need to increase munitions production during the Great War.

So, the CrozierWatch will keep its time as all those around it lose theirs and its owner will have the added benefit that should he ever find himself chronologically embarrassed over the next few months he can always blame it on PMT.

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  1. Mrs Longrider and I started doing the opposite a few years back, leaving clocks on BST - it reminds us of the summer months during the dark winter.

    Posted by Longrider on 25 March 2007 at 12:18pm

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