30 March 2007
The Algerian War. There's an insurgency, the French pile in, kill lots of innocent people, plug the rest into the mains and then lose. About the only positive to come out of it being the background to The Day of the Jackal. Yes?

Actually, no. The French were winning. So too, according to this article by Arthur Herman, were the Americans in Vietnam. And the strategy used in those two wars is pretty much what is being tried out in Baghdad.

Will it be third time lucky?

(Hat-tip: Pajamas Media)

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  1. I suspect that you need to know what “winning” consists of.  It was clearer in Vietnam and Algeria, and still the bad guys won.  If W started his war without realising that his enemies would be supported by the American media and the Democrats, then he’s a fool.

    Posted by dearieme on 31 March 2007 at 10:16pm

  2. I can usually find something else to do than actually read a book but last year I picked up this and couldn’t put it down.

    Blogger Bill Cameron, who seems to have lead an interesting life in some far flung corners of the French Empire himslef, commented that he’d sat next to the author at a dinner in IndoChina one and found the man a complete gent but with a core of utter hardness.

    Posted by Mark Holland on 01 April 2007 at 01:43pm

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