20 December 2004
Exhausted mothers

Jackie D has a go at answering the question: why are mothers so knackered these days?  She thinks it because we (generally, not just mothers) are such a bunch of whiners.  We are a bunch of whiners because we have had it so much easier than previous generations.  Maybe. But, if ease of life leads to whining then, surely, the most whining would be heard in the US where life is easiest.  In which case people would be even less keen on having children.  But that's not the case as Mark Steyn never tires of pointing out.  On the contrary, the demographic disaster areas are Western Europe and Japan.

Is it, perhaps, related to holiday time?  Certainly, Europeans take an inordinate amount of time off by American standards.  But the Japanese don't.

Are the US figures buoyed up by immigrants? If so, it does tend to suggest that, at a certain point, wealth is the enemy of procreation - something I really don't want to believe.

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  1. I don’t know if immigrants boost US birth rates, but I suspect that stupid teenagers do - the sorts who grew up without fathers and who are desperate for some kind of unconditional love and stability, even if it’s a total sham and they have to sacrifice their futures to get it. But that’s another rant…

    To be honest, though, whinging about something doesn’t necessarily keep you from doing it. I complain of tiredness every single night, but I still wake up every morning. (Maybe it’s a female thing. Men are from Mars, women like to babble their arses off…)

    Posted by Jackie on 20 December 2004 at 02:26pm

  2. G’day,

    Well, um.. we have a phase down here “whinging Pom”.
    I’m hardly surprised by your post.



    Posted by Ralph Buttigieg on 25 December 2004 at 02:45am

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