28 December 2004
The 30-minute Rule

The 30-minute Rule was suggested to me by Brian.  It is that up to 30 minutes after posting something you are allowed to alter it.  Which I think is reasonable.  Certainly, in my case, it is only after I have published something that I start to notice the spelling mistakes, typos, missing words etc.  Often it is only then that you find how it truly looks.  Usually you find that new line breaks have magically appeared and old ones have (equally magically) disappeared.

What I don't think is reasonable is either changing the wording or the meaning - especially the meaning.  If you didn't mean it you have to retract it either through a new posting or an update (which I think is OK).

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  1. Rules : schmools

    Posted by Andy on 24 January 2005 at 07:43pm

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