07 December 2007
What now little man? backy, booze or blow?

When I was fourteen it was a lot easier to buy a block of cannabis than a bottle of vodka.

When I first heard my teenage dinner party co-host utter these words I thought it was a commentary on the failure of the war on drugs - which indeed it is - but it occurs to me that it doesn’t necessarily say great things for government licencing laws either - in that if the government would prefer people (and presumably this includes children) to drink alcohol than smoke cannabis then this is probably the worst of all worlds.  Either make alcohol totally legal - so that it is much easier to obtain than cannabis, or make it totally illegal - so that it is on the same footing - but licencing the product is about the very worst thing you can do.

Watch out for a huge increase in teenage drug taking when the age for buying tobacco rises to 18.

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  1. It already has risen to 18 in England.

    Posted by fjfjfj on 08 December 2007 at 12:20am

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