25 January 2008
Dream house
This is sad. Bloke wants to build his dream home. The government says no. He hides the construstion site behind straw bales (wonder what that must have looked like(1)) builds his dream home and moves in.

A few years later he removes the bales. The government demands the building's demolition. Bastards(2). He may get away with it. Let's hope he does.

1. Actually, I don't have to wonder as there's a photo of the straw-bale castle accompanying the article.
2. As far as I am concerned they shouldn't be able to. See Against Planning. Also see the Filing Cabinet page on Planning.

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  1. Its bizarre isn’t it. No one bats an eye over a huge pile of straw and plastic, but the minute it turns into something useful…

    Posted by ian on 03 February 2008 at 06:10pm

  2. There was also a man near Dorking that built a bungalow in a dutch barn surrounded by straw. This was in the news last year. Probably still on the BBC site, actually.

    I think he had to take it down. It was odd; in that case, as in this, the issue being settled by officials seemed to be whether the builder could get planning permission. The whole point is that they shouldn’t need planning permission - after (I think) four years, it becomes permitted development.

    It seems to me that the builders often decide to go through planning appeals, which they’re obviously very likely to lose. What I think they should probably do is go straight to the High Court on the legal point. Then again, I know very little about this.

    Posted by fjfjfj on 22 February 2008 at 02:40am

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