06 January 2005
Tackling the BBC II

As regular readers will know one of my mini-obsessions is tackling the BBC.  Having been going all around the Wrekin on this one this week I am beginning to reach some conclusions.

But I’ll begin with a re-cap.  My criticism of Biased BBC is that it doesn’t scrutinise enough broadcast content. The reason is that there is nothing to link to.  Therefore, we have to create our own linkables.

This is what I have been trying to do recently.  Not particularly successfully, sadly.

There have been two problems with my approach.  The first is that I have insisted on one post per item.  The idea was that commenters would be able to comment on the specific bit of the broadcast they wanted to.  The problem is that this is too difficult in a live situation.  Often it is difficult to know when one item ends and another begins.  It also tends to take the anchor out of the equation.  There’s plenty they say that makes the eyeballs roll.

The second is that live blogging (or at least me doing live blogging) doesn’t really shift the goods.  Quotations have got to be spot on. Often in a live broadcast I miss things or forget the last few words of a sentence.  And if I am concentrating on listening and typing I can’t concentrate on the pictures.  What all this is leading too (apart from the need for a better blogger) is the need for a recording and and a second viewing.  Which, in turn, implies a delay between transmission and posting.  Not ideal but I think it’s the best approach.

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  1. The Daily Recycler seems to be on hiatus now but prior to the US election he was regularly putting captured tv broadcast clips relevant to the news of the day.

    I saw a FreeView TV receiver gizmo for USB in PC World a while back (not this one but like it) which would record broadcasts in, presumably MP2 or WMV so I presume the Recycler Guy would have been using a similar piece of kit.

    What I’m driving at is it’s quite feasable to put some interweb compatible video of the programme right alongside your incisive comment. Of course you are then exposed to a whole slew of hosting, bandwidth, copyright, etc troubles.

    Posted by Mark Holland on 06 January 2005 at 10:14pm

  2. Not to mention diskspace.

    The thing is I am not altogether sure it helps. I think a description of the programme with a few choice quotes is actually better - takes less of the reader’s time.

    Might be useful for screenshots, though.

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on 07 January 2005 at 05:59am

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