07 January 2005
In Brief

On Transport Blog I had a third column in which I placed short postings usually linking to something interesting I had seen.  I called this column “In Brief”.  It was something I liked having and more than one reader thought it was really good.

So, should I have one here?

I don’t have to.  Instapundit doesn’t and he does one-line links to all sorts of things.  And I’ve got away with it so far.  But, but, but… The thing is that I feel that if I had the third column I would be flagging up a lot more things than I do at the moment.  Just today there were a couple of articles that would have been ideal for an In Brief section but didn’t seem right in the main column.  Why, I do not know. But it’s a good enough reason in and of itself to go and do it.

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  1. Have you looked into Furl (http://www.furl.net/index.jsp)? It rocks. And, for reasons I won’t go into on a public forum, I’d recommend it before I would delicious (a similar service).

    Posted by Jackie on 07 January 2005 at 10:50am

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