12 January 2005
In Brief is here!

After a certain amount of fiddling about I got the column that you can see on the right working.  It’s actually quite a business adding a third column.  You have to decide how you are going to decide which posts appear there and which don’t.  You have to be particularly careful to make sure that it can be read on monitors with 800x600 resoluctions - these still account for some 30% of all PCs.  And you have to make sure that it also works for all the subsidiary pages.  Right now it works for the Archives but not the Categories.  In fact, the Categories don’t work at all.  Whoops.

One little rule I’ve decided to give myself.  If the item I’m linking to allows comments then my In Brief entry doesn’t and vice versa.  Point being that we don’t want feedback in more than one place.

Update - Categories are no longer quite so catastrophic.  However, In Brief items which are not specifically part of the specific category do appear on the page which is a shame.  I also think the third column does look rather anaemic.  But it’ll do for now.

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  1. Maybe extending the red bar at the top to loom over the In Brief column would make a difference? Just a thought. (It’s hard to make these calls before seeing them on the screen - so many times what seems like a sound design idea looks horrid in practice.)

    Posted by Jackie D on 12 January 2005 at 07:13am

  2. For ‘in brief’ items, would it be possible for the ‘link’ field in the RSS feed to point at the remote site, instead of the ‘in brief’ page itself?  Then I can read you comment in my aggregator, but double click to get the story.

    Posted by Crosbie on 12 January 2005 at 04:55pm

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