15 January 2005
People who have dressed up as Nazis

Freddie Starr
The Banshees
Keith Moon
Vivian Stanshall
Charlie Chaplin
Countless people in TV biogs and films
and now Prince Harry

The real question is who hasn’t?  And am I alone in noticing how poor a Nazi Harry made?  The shirt’s completely the wrong colour.  The Wehrmacht rank flashes (I think) should never be worn with the armband.  The swastika is at a very odd angle and is if that wasn’t enough he’s smoking a cigarette.  Has the young prince no idea how much the original Nazis were down on tobacco?

Incidentally, watching this week’s Beeb doc on Aushwitz I had to keep reminding myself that the Nazis were in fact and on balance, taking all factors into consideration, a Bad Thing.  That’s the problem with the Beeb these days: it’s so bad you instinctively take the other side.

Update.  Actually, someone has already commented on the incongruity of the flashes and armband.

Update II.  And Stephen Pollard reckons it’s going to lead to the abolition of the monarchy.  Silly boy.

Update III.  Adam Nicholson describes some of the things he got up to when he was 20.  And who he did them with:

The people I did this with are now senior figures in the management of television channels, in accountancy firms, in the law, in City banks, in global institutions in America and in the Civil Service.

And lest we forget an earlier Prince Harry.

Update IV.  And what about Spike Milligan (see comments)?

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