12 May 2009
“It would become an object of desire to adventurers of a low class…”


I found this in The Times of 13 March 1906, a time when MPs didn’t so much as receive a salary let alone expenses.  A W.S.Lilly quotes J.S.Mill on the subject:

The occupation of a member of Parliament would thereupon become an occupation in itself, carried on, like other professions, with a view chiefly to its pecuniary returns, and under the demoralizing influences of an occupation essentially precarious.  It would become an object of desire to adventurers of a low class, and 658 persons in possession with ten or twenty times as many in expectancy, would be incessantly bidding to attract or retain the suffrages of electors by promising all things, honest or dishonest, possible or impossible, and rivalling each other in pandering to the meanest feelings and most ignorant prejudices or the vulgarist part of the crowd.


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  1. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!
    When will we ever learn, indeed.
    Congratulations on this item. Spread it far and wide!

    Posted by Ghecko on 31 August 2009 at 05:15pm

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