25 November 2004

The name.  At the time of writing it reads "Patrick Crozier" but should it? Having my own name up there means there ain’t going to be anyone else writing here.  At least, not on a permanent basis. I could have a guest blogger (assuming I am big enough, of course) but that would be on those occasions I am unavailable so maybe keeping the name wouldn’t be so bad.

It also means I can’t specialise like I can with Transport Blog. But, then again, I’ve given up (for the time being) with Transport Blog because of the inflexibility the title implies.

So, it’s swings and roundabouts. On the one hand I can say what I want (so long as I am happy to let it go out under my own name) but on the other I lose the advantage of niche. Right now that is an advantage I am quite happy to lose.

Another option is to go anonymous.  A bit late for this blog but an option nevertheless.  Big problem is the danger that one will confuse one’s real and anonymous identities. And my view is that if you go anonymous you’ve got to completely anonymous.  So, no going along to all the right parties.

Another option is to call it something fun like: "We shall fight them on the beaches".  Hmm&8230; but it’s really got to be something personal and inspiring. Right now, the nearest I can get is: "They say bombing has never won a war&8230;" but we’re not quite there yet.

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