06 September 2011
Ludwig von Mises: not a peacenik

The wars waged by England during the era of Liberalism to extend her colonial empire and to open up territories which refused to admit foreign trade, laid the foundations of the modern world economy.  To measure the true significance of these wars one has only to imagine what would have happened if India and China and their hinterland had remained closed to world commerce.  Not only each Chinese and each Hindu,  but each European and each American, would be considerably worse off.

von Mises, “Socialism” p208 (translation of 2nd Edition, 1932, Liberty Fund)

Don’t anyone tell the Rothbots.

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  1. Absolutely. It galls me how the Mises Institute seems to have taken an almost totally peacenik stance on certain issues (there is the odd exception). The Rothbots who run that place are happy to bask the reflected glory of Mises, but leave out certain things.

    A shame.

    Posted by Johnathan Pearce on 24 October 2011 at 06:10pm

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