22 January 2005

The Ombre links to the Castle who would link to the Mrs but she seems to be down at the moment (on the Mr, perhaps?)  Anyway this is what Tim (ie the Castle) has to say about the woman trying to interest him in state education:

The ONLY benefit of [his daughter] going to a mainstream school that was mentioned - and mentioned repeatedly was that of “socialisation with her peers”

Indeed.  State educationalists seem to have given up trying to argue that education provides, well, an education (however defined) and “socialisation” seems to be the fallback position/last refuge of choice (and not just here judging by the news from Germany).

The thing is, what do they mean by “socialisation”?  I asked someone once and they replied that it was: “rubbing along with other people.”  A fine thing to aim at, for sure, but in that regard does state education really succeed and does home schoolling really fail?  And, how would you know?

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  1. Does “Having the crap beaten out of you” count as socialisation?

    Posted by Michael Jennings on 23 January 2005 at 08:19pm

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