26 November 2004

Things I want to write about.  I do (at some point) intend to start some actual, proper blogging as opposed to all this meta-blogging.  So, perhaps it would be a good idea to think about what I want to blog about.  Well, over the last 24 hours I have wanted to write about the Saville enquiry, the Euro-referendum and a few other things that I have spotted on the Blogosphere.  I have also wanted to flag up good posts with which I agree. I have also wanted to initiate a discussion on the contents of the most recent edition of Modern Railways.  And, as ever, I’ve wanted to have a go at the BBC.

Ordinary blogging is simple enough, if not actually all that easy. Flagging up good posts another question all together.  And then comes Modern Railways, more difficult yet and then the BBC which really is tricky.

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