17 March 2005
The US and the UK are not the same

This article by (usually wrong) Simon Jenkins on blogging has not garnered as much attention in the Blogosphere as one might expect (except here where I first heard about it).

This was the line that caught my attention:

British papers need not worry — as yet. Such much-cited blog triumphs as the toppling of Eason Jordan, the CNN executive, and the humiliation of CBS’s Dan Rather would not have needed the web to expose them in Britain. They would have been splashed across every tabloid. The American press remains timid. The Patriot Act suffered nothing like the press mauling given to Tony Blair’s control order legislation.

Remember Piers Morgan.  The internet didn’t figure.  Up to now I have assumed that where the US leads the UK will (eventually) follow.  But maybe not. 

Of course, this does beg the question why the tabloids (and indeed the broadsheets) don’t lay into the BBC more often.

UPDATE.  OK so it has gained some attention in one or two places.

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  1. Obviously Jenkins is far too grand to read blogs….otherwise I might have though he had read Martin Stabe a month ago and cribbed his argument from there.

    Posted by Tim Worstall on 17 March 2005 at 08:23pm

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