18 March 2005
Croziervision’s Top 10 Frogs of All Time

Blognor Regis has his list (Jacques Tati indeed) so I thought I’d produce one of my own.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realise how difficult it was going to be.  Now a Bottom 10, now that would be easy: Napoleon, Johnny Halliday, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Richard I etc.  But a Top 10?  You’ve got to remember that Hergé, Plastic Bertrand and Hercule Poirot were all Belgian (and in one case, fictional).  And Monica Bellucci, Italian.  I also made it difficult for myself by not peeking at anyone else’s list.  How could I have missed Catherine Deneuve?  Fool, Crozier.

But I got there in the end:

Chares Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu

Emmanuelle Beart

General Joffre - anyone who can get through an entire world war without once missing out on his 8 hours sleep gets my vote

The Lumiere Brothers - without whom “Come Play with Me” would never have been possible

The Eurotunnel Shareholders - lost their shirts so that we could load up on cheap booze and fags in comfort and speed

Whoever came up with the Citroën DS

Jean-Pierre Melville

Whoever came up with the Tour de France

Goscinny and Uderzo

Simon de Montfort - bit dodgy, owing to him being a complete psychopath, but did give us a Parliament.

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  1. Mine: Antoine, his mum, his grandfather (Charles Exbrayat), Dissident Frogman, Pierre Herme…and that’s it.

    Posted by Jackie D on 18 March 2005 at 11:50am

  2. Henri Desgrange came up with the Tour de France.

    They’ve even recently restored his initials to the maillot jaune. (One Lance Armstrong’s shoulders here: http://www.tribuneindia.com/2003/20030724/sp5.jpg)

    Posted by Mark Holland on 18 March 2005 at 05:27pm

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