31 March 2005
Should I link to Instapundit?

There are many times when I see something good on Instapundit.  Now, if it were most other blogs I would have no compunction about giving it a mention on the In Brief bar.  But this is Instapundit.  He hardly needs the publicity and, anyway, my guess is that most Croziervision readers take in Instapundit on a daily basis, so I am hardly providing a service.  Indeed, there would almost seem to be something rather oleaginous about linking to him.  Even worse, if I did, I feel (given the amount of good stuff he puts up) that I’d never link to anything else.

I get the impression that this is not an unusual feeling which would go a long way to explaining why his posts are so rarely linked to.

OK, so if Instapundit is off limits what about other, big blogs like Samizdata, Tim Blair, Norm Geras, Harry’s Place and Tim Worstall?  Here, things start to get a bit more complicated.  Again, I am pretty sure that most of my readers will take in Samizdata once a day.  Hey, a large proportion write for it.  But the others I am not so sure about.

Update Some interesting feedback there.  Obviously, this stuff does matter so perhaps I will start linking to the behemoths of the British Blogosphere.  Still not sure about Instapundit though.

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  1. Quite clearly you should link to Tim Worstall at every available opportunity. Just one of those simple rules of the road, the ego needs feeding.

    Posted by Tim Worstall on 31 March 2005 at 12:25pm

  2. Speaking as a Samizdata contributor, I always get a buzz when someone links to something I wrote there, however insignificant they might suppose themselves to be, and however little difference they might think it makes.  Indeed, number of links is a key measure of success, I would say.  Much more so than comments, which usually explode on Samiztata whenever we allude to an old favourite of an argument, as I did when I took a swipe at Christianity a while back.  These comment explosions often have only a tangential connection to the original point of the posting.

    I especially like links if they aren’t all the same damn link, with the guy at the other end correcting typos and sending a new link every time.  (Any sign of that nonsense stopping any time soon?)

    In a way, linking to Instapundit, or some such, is a bit like voting.  Lots of others feel as you do, but every vote does make a different, even if not that much.  Butit all gets counted, and people notice it, and thus what we all say gradually has its various effects.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 02 April 2005 at 01:56am

  3. SamizData, I mean.  Sorry.  Samiztata will be the Sun headline when, trailing clouds of glory, Samizdata finally shuts down, having changed the world to its satisfaction.

    That’s if there’s still a Sun when that happens.

    Posted by Brian Micklethwait on 02 April 2005 at 01:58am

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