03 December 2004
A few more changes

I’ve made a few more changes over the last day or so:

  1. Added trackbacks.  What’s a trackback?  It’s essentially a way for one blogger to tell another that he has referred to one of his postings.  They are very like comments except that they are hosted somewhere else.  Because they are like comments I have combined the two (see here).  I have always found separate buttons for comments and trackbacks slightly irritating.  I have also put the trackbacks at the top as I think they are usually better written.
  2. Made a slight alteration to the colour of the banner.  It’s now redder.
  3. Changed the font.  Originally it was MS Sans Serif which I really liked.  Unfortunately, some symbols weren’t displaying and there was a tendency for italicised words to run into their neighbours.  I don’t get this with Arial
  4. Made the column slightly narrower
  5. Increased the line spacing.  These last two changes are a consequence of the move to Arial.  I think it improves the look.
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