13 May 2005
What is wrong with Man U fans?

At last they’ve got someone in charge who looks like he might sort out their underperforming management and get them back into contention for major trophies and what do they do? Complain about it.  Unbelievable.  Relegation is too good for these people.

Update  Laban Tall points out that football clubs aren’t like other businesses.

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  1. Funny soundbite on our (New Zealand) radio from a Man U fan.
    “What does he know about football, this is a club for local people, he’ll just turn it into a business”
    Turn it into a business???

    Posted by Robin Capper on 13 May 2005 at 05:50pm

  2. Frankly, not liking football, I really couldn’t care less about the club or what happens to it. What amuses me is the way companies (because that is what it is) decide to borrow money via the stockmarket, fail to maintain a majority shareholding and then get all upset when someone buys the company from under them. What did they expect?

    Posted by Mark Ellott on 13 May 2005 at 07:50pm

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