28 May 2005
The BBC and ramblers

Recently I have been toying with the idea of switching on the BBC, seeing how long it takes them to annoy me and then blogging about it.  I feel that it might prove therapeutic.

I wasn’t really intending to start today, but I lazily switched on the telly far too early this morning and more or less straight away they were demonstrating why they should be closed down.  It was News 24 and they were doing a piece on the “right to roam”.  So, we got five minutes of puff for the Ramblers Association saying how wonderful it was, 10 seconds of the wimpy Country Landowners Association saying “be careful” and absolutely no time at all to the prospect that property rights are the basis of prosperity, that this is legalised theft and how would you like it if the local chavs were allowed to roam all over your property.

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