03 June 2005
The BBC Walk

Do the BBC know when I am about to watch them and as quick as a flash whip out the good tape and switch it for the bad one or are they crap all the time?  I am forced to ask because on the three occasions this week I have been tempted to watch the BBC each time they have managed to wind me up within seconds.

Yesterday morning on BBC Breakfast, it was no different.  The item was on parking.  My beef this time was not what was said nor indeed how it was said but how they filmed it.  The item started off on an urban street with the reporter interviewing two interviewees.  She finished interviewing them and then, along with the cameraman, walked ten yards up the road where the next interviewee was standing waiting and proceeded to interview him.


I have seen this done before and it winds me up every single time.  The thing is I can’t work out why.  Is it because they are attempting to turn current affairs into a branch of the entertainment industry?  Is it because they are humiliating their interviewees in some way (oh, look at us we can keep people waiting around on our beck and call)?  I just don’t know.  But it is bad.


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  1. What I notice about BBC “street” interviews is that most people they interview somehow seem to be ‘on-message’.

    Posted by Scott Campbell at Blithering Bunny on 03 June 2005 at 02:01pm

  2. It’s annoying, but I can’t think of a TV news programme that doesn’t do it. (Then again, I’ve stopped watching most of them of late.) More annoying to me are the dopey re-enactments and stupid gimmicks they insert into programmes like Watchdog. It’s either a programme to be taken seriously or it isn’t. With all that rubbish, it isn’t. (Not to mention all the collectivist rubbish they always manage to throw in there, too.)

    Posted by Jackie on 04 June 2005 at 05:20pm

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