17 June 2005
So, how did Canada’s Governor-General get tagged?

Someone (who clearly ought to get a real job) has followed the trail.  As he says:

“Mysterious. It seems to have come over from the UK, entered into the sex-blogosphere and then was picked up by Catholic bloggers. From there it went to Libertarians, then lefties, and now the GG.”

Via Jay.

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  1. I’ve had too many ‘real jobs’ and now i’m slackin’ the summer away. Just be thankful someone took Jay up on his offer.

    It was also relevant for my research.

    Posted by Aaron on 17 June 2005 at 09:47am

  2. I can think of few more fun ways to spend one’s clothed free time than charting the progress of information through a network.  Very cool, Aaron.

    Posted by Jackie Danicki on 17 June 2005 at 02:20pm

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