06 December 2004
And you thought the BBC was bad

This is bias Swedish style:

Recently I initiated a discussion about the strong left-wing bias in Swedish public service media. The discussion really took off when one of the most celebrated radio journalists, Cecilia Uddén, said that she did not think she had to be impartial or present both sides in the American election. I thought that was the start of something. I thought that public service would discuss the problem of having a very homogenous staff with the same kind of worldviews and news evaluations. I thought they would ask themselves if perhaps there is a tiny problem that 70 percent of their journalists vote for the leftists. I thought they would take a moment to think about why some news never make it in Sweden, and why others are blown out of proportions. I was expecting some form of self-criticism, or analysis. Anything…

Nothing. They thought that they’ve done everything right, past, present and future, and there was no need to think about the culture that could produce such a comment from such an experienced journalist. They just said that she had happened to make a stupid remark by mistake, and they stopped her from reporting for two weeks. And then everything was business as usual.

Until yesterday. Because now they have discovered that they have one television journalist who is not a leftist, and who actually supports the war on terrorism and Iraq, Per Gudmundson. And he writes about this on his blog, Gudmundson – which is widely recognised as one of the best, funniest, strangest and most interesting blogs in Sweden, by socialists, libertarians and those in between. Yesterday they gave him the ultimatum: Stop blogging or you’re out of here. After all, we have to be impartial and objective, and your strange views undermine that objectivity. Gudmundson has now been terminated.

From Johann Norberg.

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