23 June 2005
Technorati gets interesting

When I first heard about Technorati I didn’t see the point.  Yes, all the bloggerati were getting excited about it and filling in their Technorati profiles but it didn’t seem to do much.

Now it does.

This is because in recent weeks they have added searches and categories aka tags.  This means it is much easier to find out what is going on in the blogosphere something which has long been one of my bugbears.

It’s not quite there yet.  For instance, there are too many tags with different names that mean the same thing eg Great War, First World War, World War One, World War I.  A tag search will bring up the most recent posts first, so there tends to be a lot of junk.

But I think they are on the right lines. This may well end up supplanting feed aggregators as the first port of call.

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