06 July 2005
Let’s go to Birmingham - in the driver's cab of a Blue Pullman in 1962, marvellous …link


  1. Got the On And Off The Rails - The British Transport Films Collection - Vol. 1 the other day, it finally came out last week. I haven’t watched it all yet as I’m pacing myself. So far so excellent.

    Elizabethan Express is wonderful. It’s the tale of the non stop run from Kings Cross to Edinburgh on board a Gresley A4.

    Snowdrift at Bleath Gill is the tale of the crews digging out and melting a freight tank stranded on the fells.

    John Betjeman goes by Train is lovely. A bit like Metroland but the great man travels from Kings Lynn, via Sandringham to Hunstanton (which isn’t pronounced as I always thought).

    Get it Patrick, it’s really good.

    Posted by Mark Holland on 07 July 2005 at 01:10am

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