21 August 2005
What is the Croziervision Wiki contributions policy?

I unveiled the Wiki on Thursday and by Friday night I had two contributions.  Thank you Jax and Kieran.  Especially to you, Kieran because by making the odd contribution and by asking me outright: “what is the policy on contributions?”, you have forced me to consider something that really does need to get considered.

First of all, I do want contributions.  In theory this is a massive undertaking, never ending and practically limitless and there’s no way I can do it all on my own.

But, at the same time, no two libertarians think alike.  I don’t want turf wars where A and B compete to edit and de-edit the same page.  It’s going to be bad enough when some trot does it - as they will - so, I don’t want it happening amongst friends.

Here’s a potential answer:

1.  Only edit your own pages.
2.  If you really can’t stand what someone has written create a page of your own

The owner is the creator unless he assigns ownership to someone else.  Ownership is assigned by making a statement to that effect on the page in question.  Anyone can contribute to the Discussion/Talk pages.

So, that means that anyone can create a page?  Yes, I guess it does.  And the eagle-eyed will notice that this radically alters the nature of the Wiki.  It’s not my exclusive show any more and I will have to link to pages that other people control.  So, perhaps the name ought to change - not that it actually has an official name just yet.

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  1. Let me give my 2 cent’s worth…

    There are a number of social and style problems moving from “I, Patrick”, to “we, the writers of the wiki”.

    In general, a wiki which is voiced in the first person singular sits uneasily in the context of a group of writers.  I would suggest that “first person singular” pieces need to be signed, and the beginning and end of the opinion piece marked.  A house style of “This wiki believes” or similar might be a good idea.

    (I have tried to place additional points I’m submitting on the “talk” pages.  I think that has worked so far, and I was happy when you integrated these points into the main body of work.)

    Edits which add a link to another page with the other author’s opinion are probably ok, and if possible, the template should be adjusted to have a link section for “Other opinions on this point” or similar.

    Regarding the coming of the trots, we should design things so that they are an asset provided they play by your rules.  Hence the “this wiki believes” standard for “official pages” (which they wouldn’t be allowed to touch), and the linking of dissenting opinions.

    You also might consider a policy on the wiki equivalent of comment spam (just ban it), and random linkers.

    Hey, and what about a “talk:wiki policy” page?

    Posted by Kieran on 23 August 2005 at 03:48pm

  2. Oh, golly, what a lot of points and probably best discussed over a pint.  Anyway here goes:

    1. I, Patrick to We, the Writers.  I detest corporate policies.  The last thing I want to do is to stuff people into ideological straight jackets.  I see it as I, Patrick and I, Kieran and I, Insert name here.  It can all be done in the same place.  This, of course, is a major departure from Wiki ethos.  Perhaps it shouldn’t be called a Wiki.

    2. Signing articles.  In a sense they are already signed in the History but not on the actual page.  They probably should be but I am not quite sure how.

    3. Talk:Wiki policy page.  That would require a “Wiki policy” page.  Yes, I need to get around to that.

    4. A linking to B.  It’s a tricky issue.  What if A doesn’t quite agree with B?  What if B changes his opinions?  Actually both of these can be dealt with either by adding a caveat to the link or linking to a permalink (when we get them)

    5. Thank you for your contributions and thank you for putting them in the right place.

    6. The coming of the trots.  Hmm.  That gives me an idea…

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on 25 August 2005 at 04:22am

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