17 September 2005
Croziervision Quote of the Day

Via Clive Davies:

Among British progressives, who included so many opinion formers, writers and journalists, the ideological sentiment was overwhelmingly pro-American. Indeed, from the 1790s to the end of the 1860s, America was the favourite country of virtually all British intellectuals on the Left of the political spectrum, just as the Soviet Union was to be for Western intellectuals generally in the period 1918-45. Children of progressive parents were brought up to admire America…. Liberals like Byron were so enamored of the general system of government in the United States that, like the political pilgrims to Russia in the 1930s, they were prepared to overlook or justify shortcomings which, in any other context, they would have deplored.

Paul Johnson, The Birth of the Modern.

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  1. Probably the best quote of the day I’ve seen on a blog for months.

    Posted by Alex Singleton on 17 September 2005 at 11:24pm

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