07 December 2004
Why I chose Expression Engine to manage my blog

Well, it certainly wasn’t the name. 

Over the last few months I have been experiencing some uneasiness about MovableType.  It was not to do with their decision to charge - I always thought they would.  It was more that I was finding that there were more and more things I couldn’t do with it.  And re-builds kept on failing.  Now, that’s not necessarily MT’s fault but I knew that identifying the root cause was going to be a pain.

I also couldn’t ignore the fact that some of the more techie bloggers have been moving away.  They usually have a good reason to do so.  So I started looking at the alternatives.

Originally, I had a completely different blog in mind.  It was going to be quite novel so that ruled out the more basic packages like Blogger and Typepad.  I looked at WordPress which is attracting quite a lot of attention but (from what I can remember of it) there seemed to be certain things it just couldn’t do.

I was impressed by EE.  The company seems to have an air of professionalism about it. It had the guts to take a pretty good predecessor (pMachine), throw it away and start from scratch.  I liked that.  And they have never minded charging.  In other words they have always known what they are about.

So, I signed up for a demo and was very impressed.  My ideas on blogging changed but when I came up with the idea for a scratch blog, EE, with its enormous flexibility, seemed the obvious candidate.

I have to say that having made the move I find it difficult to imagine going back.  It may not be the easiest package to learn (it has some fairly tricky-at-first concepts) but it rewards the effort you put in.  The only real problem is that it is so flexible that you usually have two or three different ways of solving any given problem.

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