21 October 2005
What the MSM wants the MSM gets

David Cameron smokes.  You may not have known that.  I only knew it because it was buried away in a rather unimportant profile piece about him in The Times.

Personally, it doesn’t bother me that he smokes - that would, after all, be rather hypocritical - but it might bother some.  Moreover, it might be made to bother some.  The MSM could, for instance, mention Cameron’s name over footage of him taking a few surreptitious puffs.  They could ask whether it would be appropriate for Britain to have a smoker as Prime Minister.  They could pose questions like: “Aren’t you encouraging children to smoke, Mr Cameron?”

But they haven’t and I don’t think they will.  Why?  Because I think the MSM has decided it wants Cameron as Conservative leader.  Not in the sense that they’ve been conspiring in smokeless rooms presided over by the MSM’s very own Doctor Evil.  No, more that the MSM have identified Cameron as one of their own and have decided to give him an easy ride.

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  1. Sir, After finding out that Mr David Cameron smokes, he has at least one extra voter! We need a PM who will stand up for smokers’ rights and not progagate nannying ideology.

    Posted by Mr Duncan McAlister on 31 October 2005 at 02:24am

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