10 February 2006

I guess just about everything that can be said about those cartoons has already been said but I think this article by Medworth is well worth taking in. 

As he says:

Many people, in this country and elsewhere, seem to have grasped on some level that our response to this issue is the latest in a series of defining moments for the future of civilisation.

He goes on to say:

Showing backbone ... would have many good effects: it would renew the confidence of our people in their rights, and it would show our enemies that we have the moral confidence, as well as the physical power, necessary to win the battle in which we are currently engaged.

Before putting the boot in:

What the militants realise, which the moderates may not, is that once you inject any Enlightenment values into religion, its days are numbered.


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  1. What the militants realise, which the moderates may not, is that once you inject any Enlightenment values into religion, its days are numbered.

    Bull.  Perhaps it appears so in Europe, but the United States, a nation whose founding documents are based on Enlightenment thoughts as penned by a Deist, and whose national identity is almost entirely based on the principles embodied in those documents rather than on any joint ethnic descent or lengthy national mythology, also hosts the most vibrant strains of Christianity (both Protestant and Catholic) in the Western world.  For that matter, Judaism could be fairly said to have implemented Enlightenment thought long before the Enlightenment itself, and Judaism is far from dead.

    Perhaps he’s right about Islam; its doctrine is far more restrictive than even European Catholicism at its height.  But his triumphalism over all religion is badly mistaken.

    Posted by Josh Crockett on 10 February 2006 at 07:02am

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