10 December 2004
Some notes on design

Surfers have different platforms, different types of screen, different screen resolutions, different browsers with different settings and for all I know different (insert here).  And they all affect the way "Patrick Crozier" is displayed.  Consequently, I have no idea if what I am seeing is what everyone else is seeing.

A good example of this is the sidebar.  If you are browsing in IE6 it should look OK.  If you are browsing in IE5 it’ll look a bit too near the margin and bit too far away from the main text.  (Incidentally, if anyone knows what I have done wrong here please let me know).

These sorts of issues are hard enough for the professionals.  They have to work long and hard to find a reasonable compromise.  I can’t really afford to work long and hard.  I have to find a quick and dirty solution.  That solution is to make sure it looks OK on a PC, with IE6, with a CRT monitor at 800x600.  If you happen to be on an Apple with Solaris, a TFT monitor and some grand resolution and can still read this without getting suffering a bout of epilepsy I think we’re doing well.

Oh, by the way, I design for 800x600 because one of my most important readers uses that resolution.  Me.

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  1. Hello Patrick,

    Enjoyed your stuff <= Brian Micklewaite
    My conclusion is is read more British stuff. Its the cultural contect, y’know.

    I use Netscape 7.1 and your site looks intact in “normal” sized font.

    What does mine look like in IE ?

    I have run out of steam, for now, on my first blog,


    which a few people were kind enough to tell me was missing the blogroll in IE. I was a bit miffed about this because the roll is really a list of articles I have read, consider important and would like others to have available, rather than other blogs. I have rationalised this now into: Hey! this is my library; alas, it was once a blog. This is the approach I have taken now creating a few more topic dedicated blogs. Sod the statistics, bugger the audience, this is where my stuff is…if the PC bust I can always look ito up on another one. I certainly won’t be able to look up the files that have accummulated on the hard-drive and CDROMs as easily as the weblogs. I am daring to push more tripe, which would not normally see the light of day, onto the blogs for this reason, though there are limits to how much I make public for reasons of privacy or because it is unformed crap. But half-formed, or ill-educated ideas are being posted now because I have an imaginery friend who is, like me, very curious but evidently quite ignorant and confused at times, who, nonetheless still wants to read my stuff.  If only he was imaginitative enough to comment on it and make some suggestions.

    I have stuck like glue to Netscape for the tabs and the better bookmarks, which are easy to annotate in manage bookmarks. I supose iought o try Firefox to see if it would provide what NS 7 does.

    Posted by andy on 17 December 2004 at 05:55am

  2. typo, typo, typos, editing, editing, editing…



    ** Been reading a lot more about RSS feeds,et al, but to be honest, I can’t be bothered, right now. I have resorted, as you can see from weblogworld, to a randomish search for something of interest, which is proving far more satisfying that trying to keep up with all the A list bloggers. And then till I get bored of it, making a complete trail, so that I can re-walk it if required, show someone how my mind works, as well as pushing a few vague notions stimulated by my reading.

    Posted by andy on 17 December 2004 at 06:08am

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