16 February 2006
More appendicitis

A couple more entries to Appendicitis Central.

Andrew Duffin writes:

I NEARLY had a really really bad one on the NHS. They’d realised what was wrong, and were going to leave it overnight “to see how things develop”.

Then I said I was insured, and an hour later I was in the theatre and the job was done.

Reader - it was gangrenous, it would have ruptured overnight, and I might therefore not now be telling you this tale.

Not quite sure how to categorise that one.  NHS bad for sure, but does it also get entered in the (so far) non-existent UK private column?  It sounds as if it is even more complicated than that as it was an operation carried out by the NHS but paid for privately.  Does that still happen?  And, more importantly does it count as NHS or private?  I am going to say private for the time being.

The other one comes from Akiko who tells me about a friend who had a perfectly good appendectomy in Cambridge in the early 1990s.

So, the scores:

UK (NHS): 2 good, 3 bad
UK (Private): 1 good, 0 bad
Japan: 1 good, 0 bad
France: 2 good, 0 bad
Italy: 1 good, 0 bad

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