24 February 2006
Shenzhen Ren is getting a touch cynical:
This concept is called “customer service” and will one day be a normal part of daily life in China. At present, having to get up and walk three feet is considered a major inconvenience, but at some time in the future, in a dusty dungeon of an office piled high with learned and obscure manuscripts by long forgotten authors, a Chinese professor will write a paper which will enshrine his name forever in the annals of Chinese trade. He will put forward the hypothesis that a customer that goes to a place to transact business should be treated as an asset and not as a problem. He will suggest that people in the business actually help the customer. He will suggest that by making the customer happy, they will return and do more business. Only then, when it has been “invented” by the Chinese will customer service become something which the rest of the world can look to and attempt to emulate.
He was only trying to pay his electricity bill.


  1. Ha.  That piece was actually put in by a guest writer, but I have similar experiences at the bank.  I get a lot of benefit from playing the “stupid foreigner” card.

    Posted by Sam_S on 25 February 2006 at 01:08am

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