03 September 2006
Once more unto the breach

I appreciate that things have been a bit quiet on the Croziervision front recently but that should not be taken for a lack of activity.  Far from it.  I have been giving a lot of thought to the Wiki and a few other things and I have, more or less, arrived at a conclusion.

The main one is to abandon MediaWiki as the software.  MediaWiki, while being marvellous in all sorts of ways, is designed for collaborative projects.  The Croziervision Wiki is anything but collaborative.  There were some neat features with MediaWiki, such as versioning, but I have come to the conclusion that while neat they are not absolutely essential.  The really big drawback was the difficulty in commenting.  So, it’s back to Expression Engine, which can do all sorts of clever things including commenting even if it does mean porting the 100 or so existing Wiki pages to EE.  What fun.

All this begs a question about the name.  Now that it’s no longer a Wiki it doesn’t seem right to keep calling it a “Wiki”.  But then again it doesn’t seem right to call it anything else.  Well, it wouldn’t if it were not for the fact that during this hiatus I did indeed start calling it something else - “The Croziervision Library” as it happens - and even went to the lengths of using the name for the banner,  the templates, the directory and the blog.  So now I have two names for whatever it is, neither of which I am entirely happy with.

“Call it what it is.”  I keep telling myself that and end up with Patrick Crozier’s reasonably up-to-date, reasonably comprehensive, library of pre-prepared viewpoints.  Hmm, thinks: “That’s not a bad description.  Think I’ll use that.”

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