13 December 2004

One of the great pros of blogging is interactivity and in the form of already-enabled comments and trackbacks this blog already has plenty of that, or, at least, the potential for it.

But this is only present for specific posts.  What if someone wants to contact me for some other purpose, like, for instance, inviting me to a party (well, you never know)?  Now, they could hijack an existing post and say: "Very sorry, but had to contact you." which is a bit Heath-Robinson if you ask me.  And there is the element of confidentiality.  What if, for instance, it was to tell me that the test results had come through?  Nope, e-mail is best.

But, in my experience, if you publish your e-mail address anywhere online all you ever get is a torrent of spam.  The way I got round it on Transport Blog (rather late in the day as it happened) was to compose a special page  which alluded to my e-mail address and to hope that people were able to read through the lines.  It seemed to work though it was rather clumsy.  Having said that, now that I have moved to Hosting Matters (another decision I haven’t regretted) I seem to have the option to activate a spam filter.  I think I may give this a go and see what happens.

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  1. Check out the source of my new blog to see how I linked to my email address in the sidebar - it’s a very short script that lets your address appear as normal on the page, but foils spambots. I recommend it highly.

    Posted by Jackie on 14 December 2004 at 10:21am

  2. Just had a look.  v. interesting. I think I’ll give it a go.

    Posted by Patrick Crozier on 15 December 2004 at 07:09am

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