15 December 2004

Announcing the 1952 Committee - for all those who would have voted Tory but for their decision to back ID cards.

For what it's worth I gave up with the Tories shortly after the 1997 General Election.  I realised then that we (libertarians) had so thoroughly lost the battle of ideas that there was no hope for a freedom-loving political party in the medium term.  I’m very glad I did.  Suddenly, I was able to just what I liked. Blogging has only helped this.

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Update.  It just occurs to me that way back in 1997 one of the attractions of voting Labour was that they were (sort of) against ID cards and the Tories (sort of) in favour.  And who was the Home Secretary at the time?

Update IIGuido is none too pleased either:

Howard gave a speech in the City in February about his “British Dream”, it was trailed as his libertarian vision. When he said “the people should be big and the state should be small…. ” and to follow the British “...dream wherever it takes you.” He apparently meant you had to take your ID card with you.

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