07 January 2007
Weekly Round-Up

Hmm, haven’t blogged anything for a while.  But I have been reading plenty.  Here are some of my favourites:

Healthcare in the US.  Specifically, the hassles involved in buying health insurance.  Scrolling through the comments, abounding as they are with acronyms like HSA and HDHP it becomes abundantly clear that US healthcare is far from the free market that it is portrayed as on this side of the Atlantic.  Which is, of course, half the problem.

How to improve democracy.  The Olive Blogger thinks we should have lots more referendums.  Perhaps this will encourage me to come up with some of my own thoughts on the matter.  Or, maybe not. (Hat-tip Pajamas Media)

How I learned to stop worrying about the trade deficit.  Don Boudreaux’s arguments will have a familiar ring to many but they’re well put. (Hat-tip Tom Palmer)

Do prostitutes need pimps?  Seems with pimps they get more work and fewer beatings.  They still get the beatings mind, just less of them.

How good is Wikipedia?  For some time I’ve been happy to believe that it’s great on the done and dusted but when you get to controversial topics best to proceed with caution.  But is the storage of hydrogen peroxide really so controversial?  There’s a follow up.

There are too few women bosses because there are too many women bosses. Heh. (Hat-tip A&L Daily)

Cash for honours.  Except these gongs are for money wasted.

And finally, this is so cool, courtesy of the ever wonderful English Russia.  The wooden skyscraper of Archangel.


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