15 January 2007
The Weekly Round-up

Looks like this is going to become my main means of blogging for the next few months.  Oh well.

Islam is evil.  As he points out, this is not the first time Brian has said this.  He also points out that Christianity is equally nuts.  The difference is that with Islam some of its followers take it seriously and do what they’re told.  My take: Why? and does it matter, ie even if we knew why they were acting in such a stupid way would it make any difference to how we would deal with them?

Praise for the new Bond.  I liked it too…

...but brickbats for recent Agatha Christie adaptations.  Quite.

Freedom does not make you depressed.  I get the feeling that that meme is going to turn out to be a hardy perennial.

Why do American academics hate America? asks VDH.  More to the point why do American parents and alumni keep paying their wages?  My guess is that it is because when it comes to employers, reputation (which relates to ability and contacts) counts for more than what is actually taught. (Hat tip: Pajamas Media)

Multi-culturalism doesn’t work. My worry is that the debate on the left will go like: “if multi-racial societies can’t work with all this state intervention then they can’t work at all.” (Hat tip: A&L Daily)

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